“When others try to draw a circle to exclude those living with mental illness, brain disorders or emotional trauma, let’s draw a larger circle to include them and champion mental health for all of humankind.” 
~ Deena Baxter, adapted from a quote by Pauli Murray, Esq.
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Welcome to WriteOnMyMind.com—a healthy place for the mind to speak. This website is part of a broader global initiative, The Surviving Suicide & Sudden Loss Project, a partnership of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Collier County, Florida, USA, (NAMI-CC) and author and mental health advocate Deena Baxter.

As Baxter explains, “After losing our youngest son to suicide in 2012 – death by mental illness – I felt like I was living through a reality TV series titled “Surviving Sudden Loss”. That reality launched me on a mission, a search for “Normal”. I was lucky to find help from a wonderful organization, NAMI-CC. I am still searching and invite you to join me. For too long, the stigma of mental illness and impairment has kept it cloaked in darkness and denial. This places an additional burden on those who live with it every day, plus their family members and loved ones. Many of these adults, teens and children are seeking to live full, productive lives. They are successfully integrating their mental health challenges into their daily life but don’t wish to be defined by them.”

You have come to a place that gives mental health a life-affirming voice—a virtual, global community where visitors can find helpful resources and be inspired by the many different ways the mind can speak—in words and in art. This website was inspired by the NAMI-CC Anything Goes: Art-From-The Heart Project that resulted in the artwork included in Baxter’s book—SURVIVING SUICIDE: Searching for “Normal” with Heartache and Humor. Visual art can be a powerful communicator, beyond words. It can send a message if we are open to it, and it can heal.

You can be a part of this journey – submit your artwork today!

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